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Friday, August 6, 2021

What Factors Influence Health?

What Factors Influence Health?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has identified four key variables that influence one's health. Personal health behaviour, biological variables such as genetics, the state of the physical environment, and the quality of health care facilities are all factors to consider.

Figure 1-2 depicts the estimated percentage contribution of each of these variables to the combined ten main causes of mortality. Personal health practises play a role in 51% of the top 10 causes of mortality. Health behaviours are the acts you engage in that have an impact on your health.

Figure 1-2 Major Health Factors

Seven health habits that promote excellent health and likely to enhance average length of life were discovered in a study of over 7000 people. Below is a list of the seven factors.

1.     Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night

2.     Almost every day, I have breakfast

3.     Between-meal eating is uncommon.

4.     Keeping a healthy weight

5.     Not having smoked cigarettes

6.     Drinking alcohol in moderation or not at all is the best option.

7.     Participating in frequent physical activity

Those who engaged in most or all of these actions had higher physical and mental health than those who engaged in only a few or none at all. People in good physical form are better equipped to deal with the stresses of life. People with good mental health have a positive self-image.


Heredity and other personal characteristics might sometimes restrict your capacity to prevent illnesses. The biological transmission of characteristics from parents to children is known as heredity. If numerous members of your family have died of heart disease, you may be less able to prevent it than someone whose family has been heart disease-free. A handicap may prevent you from exercising on a regular basis. Regardless of your genetics or physical condition, you may increase your chances of living a long and healthy life by adopting responsible health habits.

The Physical Setting Your physical environment refers to your immediate surrounds, including where you live, work, and play. Your personal health may be harmed by health risks in your physical surroundings. Air pollution can raise your risk of developing lung problems or make an existing illness like asthma worse. Air pollution, according to scientists, may cause diseases such as cancer. Noise pollution, overcrowding, and contaminated food or water are just a few examples of environmental issues that might harm your health.

Services for Health Care The quality of the health care you have access to has an impact on the overall health of your body. You may be able to avoid many health problems if you can obtain regular medical and dental treatment. It is nearly always easier to prevent an illness than it is to cure one.

Review of the Lesson

Your health is a result of a combination of physical, emotional, and social variables in your life. Knowing the four key elements that influence my health can aid you in making great health decisions. Even though you can't control every aspect of your health, you can make a conscious effort to engage in as many healthy habits as possible.

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